Since 1990, Mike Lynch has worked with hundreds of families as they considered their individual financial decisions. Today, Mike specializes in two areas:  Wealth Management and End-of-life Financial Consulting.

Wealth Management today includes a range of money management responsibilities ranging from assessing a client's risk tolerance, portfolio design, implementation and monitoring, and adjusting strategies as needs, goals or circumstances change over time.

End-of-life Financial Consulting incudes working with clients, attorneys, heirs and others to help prepare an estate for eventual distribution.  Sometimes this involves working with a client who is interested in arranging for a streamlined distribution of her own estate; sometimes this involves working with heirs and estate representatives to complete the task of distributing an estate that was created at the death of a loved one.  

Mike always welcomes conversations with his clients about the preparedness of their estate plans, the design of their investment portfolios, and the goals they are working towards.  If you are not a client and would like to talk with Mike about Wealth Management or End-of-Life Financial Consulting, please call 224-848-4515 to learn more.  Mike currently welcomes new Wealth Management clients, though investable assets of at least $250,000 are required for these services.

Mission Statement

It is my mission to help clients make informed and sensible decisions, so they can be good stewards of the wealth they have worked so hard to accumulate. With good stewardship in mind, my mission is to also help clients have in place an end-of-life plan that helps transfer their estate smoothly and favorably to their beneficiaries.